Comfort Electric Blanket Single Bed

Comfort Electric Blanket Single Bed

Product Code: EB001
Size: 60 x 36 x 4
Weight: 1.5
Availability: 91
INR 1,700 INR 1,349

Electric Blanket is placed under the bed sheet. It radiates heat from beneath inducing deep restful sleep even in the coldest of winter nights. At the same time, the heat therapy relaxes the tired back and legs muscles. It helps ease stiffness and soreness and allows you to wake up feeling rested and fresh. Electric Blankets are time tested, safe and comfortable. No more wrestling with heavy electric blankets that keeps sliding off. No more laundry worries. No more cold winter nights. 

Electric Blanket is held securely on the mattress, under the bed sheet. This keeps it protected from dust, adding years to its life. 

Electric Blankets reduce your electricity bill to a fraction. You would no longer need the heat pillars / radiators that not only increase your electricity bill but also harm your respiratory system by reducing the moisture level in your room.

SIZE 3 X 5 Feet
POWER SUPPLY 200 to 220 Volts A.C. Only
WATTAGE 110 Watts
INSULATION Complete Insulated, Water Sealed elements
POWER CONSUMPTION Single bed consumes 1 unit of electricity in approx. 20 hours of continuous use.
MANUAL CONTROL UNIT A three step heat regulator with on off switch and indicator light Low High heat settings. 
Never heat the blanket when folded
Always spread the blanket on the mattress below the bedsheet and start heating
Never wash the electric blanket its Non Washable
Not advisable for children below 7 years
Please read the instructions carefully before using
In case of accident due to negligence, the manufacturer/dealer will not be responsible for any type of loss or damage.

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