Brand: Dhariwal Woollen Textile Mills
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A fine meditation shawl made of 100 % pure wool with a subtle structure in Indian patterns. With its continuous natural cream/white colour the meditation shawl has an outstanding bright, light and vibrant appeal.

The finely woven patterns in the same color reveal their beauty only on second sight – similar to a blossom which bears its inner beauty to the sunlight. This appealing appearance gives an inimitable elegance and beauty to this meditation shawl.

The Amritsar Store offers prayer/meditation shawls in pashmina or wool. Prayer or meditation shawls are used in many spiritual traditions. It is thought that the earliest use of prayer shawls was in the Hindu tradition over 3000 years ago. Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, and Christianity have used the shawl for prayer, meditation, and ceremony.

A meditation shawl can have the effect of covering, or enveloping the mundane garments of our everyday life with a spiritual intention and creating an intimate space in which to connect with one's spitual center. Thus, prayer shawls can give a sense of turning within, helping the practitioner to focus more deeply.

This meditation shawl comes from Dhariwal in northern India. Dhariwal is located in the reach of the region Kashmir and the extension of the Himalaya, where the production of wool and the fabrication of shawls has been a tradition for many centuries.

Dhariwal is known for its production of woolen products and a long tradition of trading which go hand in hand with traditional weaving arts on highest quality levels.

Our Dhariwal meditation shawls are of hand selected, high-quality standard and carry a unique, beautifully accomplished design in colors and patterns.

It also comes with a pure wool mark so that you can be assured with the quality of the product.

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