Assist Slimline Deluxe Electric Blanket Double Bed(60x60 inch)Autocut,Water Resistant

Product Code: ASSIST29.1
Size: 150 x 150 x 5
Weight: 2000
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INR 3,980
Ex Tax: INR 3,980
Asist Healthcare launches new budget range medical blanket with two pre-set core temperature models, 1. Medium 2. High. This blanket is available in single and double bed sizes.  It has over heat protection built in to protect overheating and to deliver uniform heating. This range is water resistant and non-washable. Blanket is an extremely cost effective, ideal for winters. Comes with One year Comprehensive Warranty. 
a. Over Heat Protected Device 
b. Economy Range 
c. Water Resistant Range 
d. Teflon Coated Element 
e. Ony Year Comprehensive Warranty 
f. Made In India

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