Winter Care Electric Under Blanket (King Size-70 X 60 Inches) Washable 3 Yrs Warranty Automatic

Brand: The Amritsar Store
Product Code: WCKB3YBG
Size: 60 x 70 x 2
Weight: 2300
Availability: 2 - 3 Days
INR 3,299

Electric Blanket is held securely on the mattress, under the bed sheet. This keeps it protected from dust, adding years to its life. 

Electric Blankets reduce your electricity bill to a fraction. You would no longer need the heat pillars / radiators that not only increase your electricity bill but also harm your respiratory system by reducing the moisture level in your room.

100% Waterproof 
100% Shockproof 
Heats Maximum Upto 35 C
Auto Cut at all Modes 
Fitted With Imported Wire( you cannot feel existence of wire) 
1 year Guarantee +2 year Warranty
High Quality thermostats
No over Heat Problem Like Ordinary Electrical Blankets  
Size-- 70 inch x 60 inch 
Watt --70
Fabric --Tweed 
Do not heat it folded. First spread the blanket and then heat.
This is meant to be used as Bed Warmer only. This is not an over blanket
Do not keep cotton filled quilts on the heated blankets.
Do not wash it in machine and don't squeeze it while washing, no use of washing bat
Hand wash only with mild hands.
Not advisable for children below 7 years 
Please read the instructions carefully before using
In case of accident due to negligence, the manufacturer/dealer will not be responsible for any type of loss or damage.

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