Everyone desires to own a Pashmina Shawl. Pashmina Shawls exudes elegance and royalness. So if you have decided to buy luxurious Pashmina Shawl to remain warm & stylish for the winters. However, you should be cautious and know how to differentiate between the original Pashmina Shawl and Fake Pashmina Shawls as unscrupulous people filling up the market, you can be cheated if you do not buy with caution. Therefore, being a legit Pashmina Shawls seller in India, we are sharing a few tests that will help you identify the Original Pashmina.

1. The burn test: We know it is hard for you as you would not want to spoil your precious Shawl, however, you can only take a thread of shawl out of the fringes. Now you simply need to put the thread on a ceramic or steel pot without covering it with a lid, you can also use a microwave-safe plate for the purpose. Once you have placed the fabric piece on the plate, simply light a match and let it burn. You will see it burn and smell the odor and check the burn out ashes with your fingers. If you get a burnt hair kind of odor then you can be confident that Pashmina that you possess is 100% original.  But in case it smells the way burnt leaves would do and there are bigger flames consuming it up, oops you’ve been cheated,

2) Look for the Diameter: This is one of the best way to find out whether you are buying an original Pashmina Shawl or a fake one. The authentic pashmina fabrics will have fibres around 15-19 microns in diameter. The presence of low microns in the diameter makes pashmina shawls feel lighter and warm. Therefore, we will advise you to not buy anything above 19 microns if you are buying pashmina shawls.

3) Uneven Weave: Cashmere wool is extremely delicate, because of which it can only be spun by hand. As such, authentic Pashmina shawls will always have irregularities in the weave, making them uneven in places, which won’t be there in machine-woven fakes. That painstakingly exquisite handwork is what makes them so expensive as well.

4) Check the Ply and Dimensions: It is one of the best ways to find out whether you are buying a real pashmina shawl or fake. The higher the dimensions heftier the price will be. If anyone trying to sell you Higher dimensions at a cheaper price, you are surely going to be cheated. Now if you are wondering what is ply? The strand of the fabric is woven together then multiple strands are used, you need to check the ply. 2-ply uses 2 strands, 3-ply uses 3 strands, and so on. It makes the cloth looks thicker.

5) Rub Test: It is also a great way to find out whether Pashmina you are buying is original or fake. By taking the pashmina in your hand and rubbing it simply with your fingers you will get an idea of whether it is made from authentic wool fiber or not. However, to test it you must know how it works. Polyester fabric assembles static electricity within it and when you rub it, it gives a spark. You can see it in a dark or hear out it as it is audible

So these are a few ways that will help you to find out whether Pashmina Shawl that you are buying is real or fake. If you really want to buy an authentic Pashmina Shawl, then buy it from us. We are an authentic Pashmina Shawls seller in India. Check out our collection