Phulkari Dupatta can add immense charm to your outfit. The Phulkari is immensely dear to the state of Punjab. It is one of Punjab’s cherished traditions. You’ll inevitably find phulkari designs at the heart of Punjabi craftsmanship. The exquisite stitching and craftmanship make up the essence of Phulkari. Donning a phulkari dupatta can totally reinvent your look and add a splash of vibrancy to make you appear more attractive. Suits with Phulkari dupatta could be plain or detailed with embroidery; it really depends on how you wish to mix and match with your favorite Phulkari dupatta designs. Thus, if you want to own a phulkari dupatta it appears great with traditional suits. A phulkari dupatta can be draped in different ways. Here we will share with you, how you can don phulkari dupatta in different ways to look more attractive.

One Side Open Dupatta: It is one of the most simple ways to style the phulkari dupatta. Draping phulkari dupatta on one side way gives you an elegant look. All you have to do is open the phulkari dupatta and carry it on one of your shoulders. You can pin the dupatta on the suit of the shoulder to sit it well. This will help your dupatta not fall accidentally.

Jacket style scarf: If you are looking to wear Phulkari Dupatta in a stylish way then we will suggest you wear a Jacket style that will make you look stylish. For this, you first open the dupatta and fold it from both sides. Then you pin it up from both sides. Now wear it like a jacket. After this, you make your look even more special by wearing a belt.

Open look dupatta: If you are in hurry and you want to carry the phulkari dupatta so we will suggest you take it like this. It is quite simple to carry phulkari dupatta this way all you need to do is just open the Dupatta and take it on your both shoulder and it looks immensely stylish.

Two Side Style Dupatta: If you are wearing a Phulkari dupatta on a special occasion, then style it like this. For this, you first fold the dupatta and make pleats and then pin it on one side of your shoulder. After this, take the corner from the front side of the dupatta and take it to the shoulder on the other side and then pin it up on the other side. In this way, your phulkari dupatta will give pleats from one side and an open look from the other side, which will look very nice.

U Drape Style Dupatta: You can style the phulkari dupatta in U shape and it will look unmatched. Once you take on your attire then it ample your appearance.

The Elbow Style: If you want to appear like a princess then we would suggest you to don elbow style. If you take the dupatta to the back of your body and bring it back up over your elbow