Phulkari is referred to as the folk embroidery of Punjab. Although Phulkari means floral work, the designs include not only flowers but also cover motifs and geometrical shapes. The term Phulkari is made of two words Phul means flower and Akari mean shape. In another word, Phulkari meant the shape/direction of flowers that symbolized life. Here we are sharing a few benefits of Phulkari Dupatta that is why you should wear Phulkari Dupatta.

Beautiful Prints: Phulkari Dupatta has several beautiful color combinations of patterns and designs in the collection of phulkari types. You will love the collection of beautiful prints in it. So you should buy a phulkari dupatta and add it to your wardrobe.

Best vibrant colors: One another reason why you should add phulkari Dupatta into your wardrobe as they have vibrant colors and appears immensely beautiful when you combine it with every sort of dress. They look hugely attractive and beautiful.

Can match different occasions – The phulkari dupattas can help in making outfits of different types of occasion and can match perfectly with different types of occasion as it can be very much perfectly matched with marriage events and even the function related events.

Make different outfits – The phulkari dupattas can help you in making very different types of outfits. They can be matched perfectly with different types of Kurtis and suits very amazingly. You can make a beautiful type of outfit from the collection of phulkari dupattas.

Have the best traditional look – The phulkari dupattas can have the best type of traditional look as they are very much attractive and gives the most beautiful type of traditional and ethnic impression on the overall personality and is something that will be best for functions related to ethnic wear.

Completes the Look: If you aspire to achieve the authentic Punjabi look then you can easily achieve it with our Phulkari Dupatta. So if you are looking to appear pure Punjabi then you can add Phulkari Dupatta.

Adored By Everyone: Phulkari Dupattas are adored by everyone due to its vibrant colors. They look hugely beautiful owing to its vibrant colors and authenticity. You will grab the attention wearing phulkari Dupatta