Meditation should be a joyous, uplifting experience. It should signify a calm space in our life where day-to-day turmoils cannot enter and we can heighten this feeling by treating ourselves to some simple accessories like a good meditation cushion, a timer and, perhaps, a well-made meditation shawl.


A meditation shawl is simply a soft blanket that you can drape around yourself. It might not seem like it, but it really can make you feel more comfortable. Meditation shawls have been used for thousands of years by all cultures and religions to help you stay comfortable and focused during your meditation and to ensure that your body stays warm.

There are so many varieties of meditation shawls available. You should also keep in mind the materials they’re made of which is soft and warm so you’re not distracted during your meditation. Wearing a shawl for meditation is traditional as they are believed to hold the energy that accumulates and has a beneficial effect on the mind. Also as the body cools down during meditation extra warmth provided by a meditation shawl not only helps the body but stops the mind being distracted.

Meditation shawls are usually kept in a sacred space when being use and cleaned occasionally. These shawls are great for meditating, to lie on, to cover up with, or to wrap up in to keep warm. We’ve gathered some of our favorite meditation shawls from budget options to luxurious wool shawls. You’re sure to find something you’ll love in this list. Here’s a selection of several wonderful meditation shawls for you to consider.