Wool is considered to be more warm than any other fibers in the world. Wool Fabric is also incredibly elastic, meaning it can easily be stretched when wet and yet return to its original shape once dried. Owing to these excellent features, wool is comfortably wornduring winters across the world to guard from winters. In this post, we will discuss different types of wool fibers


7 Different Kinds of Wool in the World


Merino wool: Merino wool is considered to produced from merino sheep fur's. It is by far the softest and smooth of the wool produced by the Sheep. It is found in a variety of hues, such as: pastels, vivid tints, and multi-color strands. The countries which produces Merino Wool are Australia, Newzealand and Australia accounts for over half of the global supply. Merino Wool is considered ideal for base layer and other similar clothes.

Mohair wool: Mohair wool is also considered to be one of the most valuable wool around the world. It is made from Angora Goat's hair. Mohair wool is popular for its sheen. luster and durability. Mohair wool is considered luxury wool owing to its unique characterstics. However, it is extremely costly as compared to the other wools.

Lamb’s wool: Lamb's wool is obtained from the fur of young sheep. It is also refered as virgin wool. The fur obtained from Baby sheep is quite soft. So this type of wool is soft and richly comfortable. It is also expensive and falls under the same cateory of merino wool and mohair wool.

Shetland Wool:
Shetland wool is a high-quality fabric that is used in both hand and machine knitting around the world. Shetland wool is derived from Shetland sheep, which can be found on the Scottish island of Shetland. The fibers are 23 microns heavier on average. It’s making them denser than Marino. Shetland wool is popular for its durability and toughness. Shetland wool is perfect for making warm and cozy sweaters.

Cashmere wool: It is one of the most popular wools around the world. It is obtained from Kashmiri goats and is extremely soft. The fabrics which are made from cashmere wool is extremely soft and lightweight. When Cashmere wool comes into contact of your body it seems like a gentle hug. It is water-resistant. The fibers are incredibly delicate and flexible, and it provides excellent thermal insulation.

Llama Wool: It is also considered to be one of the most valuable wool fibers around the world. It comes from the llama’s fine undercoat instead of the llama’s coarse outer guard hair. Like angora goats and rabbits, llamas can have their undercoat sheared or brushed to collect this fine undercoat. Unfortunately, llama wool is uncommon and challenging to come by.

Melton Wool: All woolen clothes woven twofold is known as melton wool. Melton wool is known to be used to manufacture aesthetically appealing items such as blankets and coats which are thick and stiff with a rough surface. It is the most weatherproof wool because it is dense and possesses water-lifting capabilities.