“True style never dies”- this quote holds true for Pashmina art and its handcrafting luxury. Pashmina is considered a variant of spun cashmere. On the other hand if we talk about cashmere, it is a kind of wool fiber that is procured from cashmere goats, pashmina goats, and various other breeds of goats. It is as simple as that- All cashmere could be wool but all wool can not be cashmere.

Pashmina is a very fine art popular in the parts of Kashmir. It has been perfected by the native artisans and they have been using it for centuries. Processing and embroidered cashmere needs legit work, meticulous efforts, and great dedication and patience, and that is very common in artisans. And the end results will be Pashmina shawls. If you are looking to buy exquisite and eye-catching pashmina shawls then visit the best pashmina store in Amritsar and fulfill your desires to look elegant and exceptional.


Quality never goes out of style. So in order to meet that expectations and styles, we have compiled a few benefits of pashmina shawls. Have a look and read the article below to explore the benefits:

  1. Style: Want to be the style icon by trying Pashmina shawls? Then who is stopping you? Be Brave, Be Stylish and Be Divine because Pashmina shawls will never compromise on their quality and hopefully never deceive you. Be it animal prints, striped patterns or hand embroidery, Pashmina shawls add style to your personality.
  2. Versatile: Pashmina shawls nevertheless are wonderful attire for the winter season. Versatile is a very short word to describe its significance. Because these come in various types like semi-formal, casual, informal, etc. Pashmina wraps look marvelous in private occasions, weddings, parties or any kind of celebration. This will be the graceful element of your attire.
  3. Sustainable: Sustainable means maintained in every sense. Pashmina shawls are better known for their class and sustainability. The material is natural fiber hence it is considered biodegradable and cruelty-free (some might think that goats are killed in order to acquire cashmere). These shawls are prepared manually and hence there is no usage of factories or power looms. Consequently, there will be no impact on our mother earth if we make them.
  4. Lightweight: The yarn of cashmere is just 16 microns in diameter. Hence the total weight of a Pashmina shawl is just around 400 to 500 grams which makes it very light in nature. And moreover who would not want to put on this lightweight luxury and comfort? 
  5. Great Insulator: Pashmina shawls are a great insulator. So they can be worn at any time of the year. In summers, it won’t sweat you, similarly in winters, it won’t give you excessive warmth. 
  6. Gifting: The art of luxury gifting lies in the eyes of beholders. It holds absolutely true for Pashmina shawls. Whether you want to give it to an affluent person or impoverished person, Pashmina shawls will always serve the purpose. It is a great way to give a present on his or her birthday, wedding or another auspicious occasion.


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