Kada is an accessory or an ornament which is worn on the wrist. It is basically a unisex product i.e men and women can wear this as a bracelet. Kadas have a great significance for the sikh community. After wearing this , they feel a sense of strength, courage and valor because this is one of the Kakkars of Sikh culture (the five Kakkars are Kesh, Kirpan, Kanga, Kachera and Kada). Some opine that you will feel some contentment and free from bad nightmares. It is not only popular among Punjabis but also people of other cultures, communities and ethnicities like to wear this ornament on their wrists. If you are looking for a variety of personalized kadas or you want to gift someone as a token of love then personalized kada will be your best bet. The Amritsar Store is quite popular in providing these things like personalized kada, women's clothes, men’s clothes, etc. Well if you are looking for some fancy personalized kadas then you have landed on the right place. You can buy Brass Kadas, Copper Kadas, Steel Kadas for your loved ones. In this article we will clearly elaborate all the steps to buy personalized kada:
 1) Firstly, open the homepage of The Amritsar Store website. There you can go to the Collection tab and click on the Men Kada link. With this link, you can have a look at the variety and collection of men’s kadas. 2) If you want to view a personalized collection then you can also visit this link. 3) In this link, you will see umpteen items related to kadas. All the kadas are well crafted with crafted with perfection. The specialty of these kadas you can etch / engrave name as well with the options given in the product description. 4) Then in the next step, choose your kada from the given collection. 5) In the next option, you can choose your size of the kada. (For ex if your wrist is small, medium or large, you can choose the size of the kada in centimeters in the small, XL, XXL sizes, etc from the drop down menu. 6) Select a personalized message as per your choice. Then in the next step, you can etch or engrave the name. Make sure that this name should be limited to 15 characters only. If you have additional text to be engraved on kada, don’t worry we have extra space and you can write that in the additional customization box but you’ll be charged Rs. 150 extra. 7) Hope you have submitted all the essential information carefully. 8) Then in the next step, click on the Add to Cart button. Provide any discount code in the Apply Discount Code option if you have, otherwise you can leave it blank. The shopping cart screen will appear as follows: 9) After that click on the Go to Checkout option. Then it says fill all your relevant delivery details like email address, Name of the person (First Name, Last Name), Street Address, City, State/Province, Postal Code, Country and mobile number (without country code. 
The mobile number should be a WhatsApp number so that it is easy for us to communicate regarding your personalized kada. 10) And the last step is payment. Choose Next and select the payment method. You can choose from Debit Cards/ Credit Cards/ Wallets/ UPI Powered By CC Avenue (for payments within India) or PayPal (for payments outside India) and thereafter click on place order, which will take you payment gateway’s website to make the payment: 11) If you select ccAvenue to make payment you will be provided with the following options mentioned in the screenshot. You can choose any one of them as per your convenience: