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Monthly Archives: May 2022

  1. Importance of Kada in Sikhism? Health Benefits of wearing Copper Kada

    It is in form of an unadorned bangle/bracelet and is usually made of iron. It is one of the five Kakaars or 5K which acts as five external articles of faith in Sikhism. The other four being Kesh , Kanga, Kachera and Kirpan.

    A karra is, generally, worn on the right hand but left-handed people can wear it on their left hand too.

    In Sikhism and to Sikhs, it has the following significance:

    1) Worn on the wrist: Acts as a constant reminder that Our Guru acts through us so we must be careful about our actions. Whatever we do, good or bad; others will judge our Guru or religion through us. We must never bring shame or disgrace to our Guru by indulging in any evil deeds. A mere look at our hands is enough to remind us of our purpose in life, i.e. to act in service of God through service of mankind.


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  2. Different Types of Kada? How to Style Kada in Different Ways

    Punjabi Kada has become immensely famous across India and all around the world. It is one of the beloved accessories which is mostly worn in Punjab. If you have got a chance to visit Punjab, so you have seen people wearing Kada's in their hands. Punjabi Kada is among one of the Five Kakkars. Both men and women in Punjab proudly wear Kada's to feel connected with God. Kada is basically a symbol of concealment and courtesy. It is ranked with supreme power.

    Kadas are worn as an Amulet of Protection. Kada is similar to the evil eye bracelets worn in the Mediterranean. It is worn by Sikhs and Kundalini Yogis for protection.

    However, nowadays Kada is not only confined to spirituality, but it has become one of the hottest fashion accessories. A few years back only sikhs were wearing Kada, but after the eruption of social media & tourism, people across the world have started donning Kada's.

    There are a plethora of Kadas available in the market, but we will be sharing

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