If you ever get a chance to visit Punjab, you must have notice a lot of men & women wearing Kada. So if you are curious to know why Punjabis Wear Kada? Punjabis have their rituals and a set of beliefs to lead life. Punjabi Kada is regarded to be one of the five Kakkars. Sikhism is a religion known for its history. Our Sikh Gurus had sacrificed their lives for their people and religion. Kada is a bracelet made of Steel introduced by the tenth guru of Sikhs - Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

This bracelet depicts the selfless nature of Sikh people. Moreover, it also shows the permanent bonding of Sikhs with their community. By wearing Kada, Sikhs, promise to help those who are in need.

People wear Kada with a belief to get connected with their god. Nowadays, you won't only see Sikhs wearing Kada, but owing to its beauty and style, it has become a style statement, especially among the youngsters who wear Kada

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