“Elegance is not about being noticed. It’s about being remembered”

This quote holds true for subtle attire and clothing if you carry it with great elegance. Winters are approaching and so are your clothes. Winter essentials include beanie hats, jackets, scarves and shawls that act as sheet anchors for your body and protect us from unwanted cold.

If your wardrobe has a Pashmina shawl or any other wintery essential then it’s the best time to consider it as an essential everyday clothing. Don't get us wrong since shawls are considered very cliche or traditional attire or you can say some ethnic thing but time has changed and so you should change your attire accordingly. It’s time to leave that notion and accept the cool ways to match the shawls with some modern clothing outfit. In this article we will explain about the top 5 fashionable and contemporary ways to wear your shawl this winter. 



  1. Wrap your shawl around your neck


Shawl has one end which is longer than the other. Adjust it properly at both the ends so that it could wrap your neck. Make sure it looks as if you have wrapped a scarf around your neck. This will make your look more cool and extravagant. For the collection of pashmina shawls you visit The Amritsar Store in Amritsar. 


  1. Cinch at the waist

Drape your shawl over your shoulders properly and cinch it at the waist part with any plain belt. This will give you utmost proportion and make your look more chic. This style is used to hide a normal tee over your jeans or pants. Try this unique way to have this look. 


  1. Hitch at the back


Well, this is a social trend to tie or hitch your shawl at the back. This style will help you generate a new look and your shawl will look like a top. You can try this way to resemble the look of dupatta just like dupatta covers your front. Carry the two ends of the shawl and put a knot at the back where you can feel an awesome and adventurous look. To add some oomph factor in the winter season, try the new collection of pashmina shawls at The Amritsar Store. 




  1. Match fringed shawl with your outfit


Are you running out of new clothes this winter? Are you not getting time to wash off unwashed essentials then it’s time to try some new and unique looks. Make your shawl a fringed essential so that it could match with any outfit and attire. Look for neutral colours, it will be easy for you to match them with your outfit. It’s up to you how you drape it and carry it. 


  1. Asymmetrical wrap


Always think out of the box. If you apply it on your apparel, you can get various options to try on. Drape your shawl in an asymmetrical but sensible style to give a sexy look. Always wear your comfortable style which you would love to carry. 


These are the aforesaid ways of pairing a shawl with your outer in some unique fashionable ways. Do let us know if you want some more tips to enhance your style.